As a website owner you are probably aware of how important it is to monitor your website traffic, page performance, and the overall health of your website. The best tool to keep track of this is Google Analytics. Millions of businesses, large and small, rely on Google Analytics to track the amount of website traffic they get, monitor important marketing channels, and to measure their main KPIs. With more companies moving online, many businesses are under pressure to make every marketing dollar count. Therefore, insights from digital analytics tools are very important. Recently Google Analytics received a big update with new powerful features, which give you deeper insight into your site’s traffic thereby helping you to achieve a better ROI from your marketing. In this article we will discuss the new features of Google Analytics G4.

What is Google Analytics 4?

Google recently announced a new version of Analytics, Google Analytics 4.
This new property will now be the default version of the data collection and web traffic analysis software. Google Analytics 4 is a durable and privacy-first, x-channel measurement platform. If you already use Google Analytics you will need to upgrade to the new property version. Once you set it up you will be able to start collecting data and experiencing the new features.

What’s new in Google Analytics 4?

1. New AI-powered insights and predictions.

By applying advanced machine learning models, the new Analytics can automatically alert you about particular trends in your data. For example, an increasing demand for a product you sell. This technology is also used to predict outcomes, like churn rates and the potential revenue a business could earn from a particular group of customers. This allows you to run analyses to better understand why some customers are likely to spend more than others, so you can anticipate future actions.  

2. Customer lifecycle-framed reporting

The big difference between Analytics 4 and the older version is how reports are organized. The new Analytics provides you with customer-centric measurement, instead of measurement divided by device or by platform.

Google Analytics 4 is an expansion of the“App + Web” system that was released in 2019. The App + Web version of Analytics was focused on cross-channel data, meaning it was able to track users across apps, software, and websites. The traditional Analytics, also known as Universal Analytics, only supports websites. This means that Google Analytics 4 shifts the way data is shown. It focuses on how users are engaging with your business across devices as well as channels. So you will get a better understanding of your customers across their entire lifecycle, from first visits to conversion and retention.

3. New approach to data controls

Users are demanding more control and transparency over data collected and used for ads personalization. Analytics 4 offers several options to help advertisers comply with data regulations like GDPR and CCPA. The new analytics enables you to better manage how to collect, retain and use your Analytics data. Thus, Analytics 4 makes it easier to control data. Do you want to know more about how to manage data in Google Analytics? Read the Google article: Take control of how data is used in Google Analytics”.

4. Analytics in a cookie-less future

The need for Google Analytics 4 stamps from new privacy protection laws (e.g. GDPR) and the decreasing stability of the traditional analytics. Many businesses using the traditional Analytics run into issues with inaccurate or missing data due to cookie consent options required by these laws. The machine-learning technology in the new Analytics is able to fill in gaps where data may be incomplete.  

How to set-up Google Analytics 4?

These new analytics features can enhance your ability to spot trends and find valuable data insights, thereby helping you to make better marketing decisions. Do you want to learn how to set-up Google Analytics 4? Check out Google’s own video guides on the new interface.

Once you fully set up the Google Analytics 4 property on your site, we encourage you to engage with the different options which are now available and get more intimate with the data on your website. 

Contact us to learn more about the new Google Analytics 4 or to learn more about using data for a digital marketing strategy.

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