Social Media Advertising

What is social media advertsing?

This is advertising in social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. With appealing ads, you ensure that target customers connect with your company and visit your website.

Why social media advertising?

There are billions of active users on social media networks. Social media advertising offers a very broad range of targeting possibilities therefore social media advertising is right for any size of business. Knowing how to create an effective ad that speaks to your audience is key. With our knowledge and experience we can ensure an effective approach to your social media advertising.

Advantages of social media advertising:

  • Brings new traffic to your website.
  • The potential reach of social media ads are very big, since a lot of people spend their time on social media.
  • Direct interaction with the target customer.
  • You can target specific users, based on their location, demographics, interests, (digital) behaviour and more.
  • Cheap compared to search engine advertising.
  • Perfect for remarketing.


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