Luna Cabo Case Study

Results of the last 6 months of 2020 compared to previous 6 months. 


 In October 2019 Grid Marketing created a new website for Luna Cabo Property Management & Rentals. The new website provides enhanced functionality with possibilities for automated booking, direct online payments, a multi-platform integrated calendar system, as well as a more user-friendly platform. After completion of the website, Grid Marketing started managing the SEO and SEA for Luna Cabo. The goal of the marketing was to increase online findability leading to more website visitors and increased booking requests. Since starting the online marketing, Luna Cabo has seen a steady increase in their Google rankings, website visitors, and overall conversions. The following represents their growth over the last 6 months of 2020 (July 1st – December 31st) compared to the previous 6 months of 2020 (January 1st – June 30th).

New Website

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Results SEO

Users visiting the website increased by 156.6%
New users increased by 156.5%
Goal Completions increased by 118.3%
Sent Booking Requests increased by 69.0%

Results SEA

Goal Completions increased by 110.26%
Sent Booking Requests increased by 42.31%
Average Click-Through-Rate (CTR) for the text ads over the year 2020: 10.90%. In comparison, the average benchmark for text ads in the travel & hospitality industry in 2020 is 2.18% (source: WordStream). This means the CTR for Luna Cabo is 4x the market average


Increased Online Presence

Luna Cabo is currently ranked number 1 in the Google Search Results Pages of Mexico for the keywords  ‘property manager los cabos’ and ‘cabo concierge services’. This is one of the primary services that Luna Cabo offers as a property management and luxury villa rental company.
The keyword ‘cabo concierge services’ is even highlighted as a rich snippet in Google. Rich snippets, also known as featured snippet, is a piece of text that appears at the top of Google’s search results in order to quickly answer a searcher’s query. This way Google provide its users instantly with more information just by conducting a search. The ‘cabo concierge services’ snippet for Luna Cabo is great for the visibility of the site, and it increases the click-through rate (CTR). These are examples of digital marketing efforts that significantly increase the organic traffic for Luna Cabo.


 Improved Keyword Rankings

With our SEO services we have managed to improve the keyword ranking for specific luxury villas like Casa Bellamar, Casa Yvonne and Casa Esperanza in both the Google search results of the United States as Mexico. This resulted in more bookings and an increased online visibility for Luna Cabo.
Below you can find screenshots of the rankings in the American Google Search Results pages, both villas are ranked number 2. 


Testimonial Luna Cabo:

We started working with Grid Marketing in October 2019 when they created a new website for us and started managing our digital marketing. We are very glad we decided to work with them, and they have done a great job on the website and in the marketing. It is really great how easy our website is to manage and how many more inquiries we have had since we made the change. It is wonderful how well Grid Marketing knows their job and the amazing positive attitude and openness they have for any suggestions that might arise. We are very happy and we want to thank them for a great service!

Alejandro Becerril, Reservations & Concierge Manager @ Luna Cabo Property Management



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